Posted by: Brent Thomas Ladd | October 31, 2010

Center for Science of Information

I am proud to announce that I have just accepted a position with the new Center for Science of Information at Purdue University as their Education Director. The center comprised of nine world class universities (Purdue, Bryn Mawr, Howard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, U of Illinois. We are  focused on extending the foundational theories and platforms that our current information age is based upon. Our educational goals include involving a broadbased, diverse cross-section of students, faculty, industry members, and citizens in the process. The Web site is under development, but you can learn more at

Posted by: Brent Thomas Ladd | July 15, 2009

Connecting People with Sustainable Solutions

Brent Ladd

Brent Ladd

Welcome to my professional blog. The purpose of my blog is to serve as a networking portal and to provide information on my knowledge and skills to potential clients and employers. Here you will find my resume, programs and projects I’ve developed and managed, visual links to my Websites, print and video marketing materials, and selected presentations and publications. My professional and personal efforts revolve around promoting, engaging, and empowering individuals and groups with regards to education and environmental stewardship. I accomplish this through a diverse set of methods from hands-on education, science based information and synthesis of research findings, ecological systems planning, as well as marketing and knowledge transfer via Web, print and video media.

My background includes human dimensions of natural resources management, sustainable agriculture, ecological systems, watershed management and water quality education, graduate program development and administration, student mentorship, curriculum development and marketing, as well as Website, print, graphic design, and video production skills. My projects have received a number of awards and media attention. I received my MS degree in ethology, and my BS in agriculture.

I am happily married to Elizabeth, my wonderful wife of thirteen years, and Dad to three great children. We attempt to live simply and actively create a more sustainable lifestyle.